GS Breakout


See for full details.

This module is an optional add-on for the Adroit Granular Synth.

It connects via a pair of cables to the EXPAND sockets of a Granular Synth.

The breakout provides access to many different signals from within a Granular Synth, a mechanism for replacing the Granular Synth’s built-in reverb with external effects processing, a means to automatically trigger recording and a number of buttons that allow you to customize how the Granular Synth’s RANDOM button works. It also provides three handy utility sub-modules that enable you to do a certain amount of signal processing without having to load up additional modules.

You can use this module to apply modulation sources from a Granular Synth elsewhere in a patch or perhaps do some processing on one or more sources and then feed things back into the Granular Synth via its CV input sockets.

The colored dots next to some sockets are simply visual aids to help make it easier to understand how things are mapped. They match the color-coding used in the Granular Synth's modulation system.