GTR-ODR - Guitar Overdrive

We made GTR-ODR in response to requests from guitar players who liked the simplicity of our smaller “amp in a box” drive modules, but wanted a bit more gain on tap.

GTR-ODR is still more overdrive than distortion, but it differs from its small form factor companions by having two gain stages - a soft clipping stage, followed by a hard clipping stage to create a natural, organic and amp-like overdrive and playing response.

The GTR-ODR is partly inspired by a classic guitar overdrive pedal very popular with Nashville session players.

Primarily designed for guitar, GTR-ODR is a mono in / stereo out processor.

Operation is very simple:

DRIVE sets the amount of overdrive, from semi-clean to full-on crunch depending on the strength of your guitar pickups.

EQ is an active “tilt” type EQ / tone control. Set it the the right to boost highs and cut lows, or set it to the left to cut highs and boost lows. The centre position is a flat response.

You can also bypass the DRIVE and EQ with the ON button above the controls, allowing the module to be used as a simple cab sim and / or reverb effect.

The CAB section contains a switchable guitar speaker cabinet emulation. SIZE varies the frequency response curve corresponding to speaker size, with smaller speakers generally have more highs and less lows.

The ROOM section can be used to add some stereo ambience for added realism when recording or playing direct with GTR-ODR. At higher SIZE settings, the reverb gets into large hall territory. Use the TONE control to dial-in a warm or bright room to taste. The MIX control sets the balance between the dry and wet signal up to 100% wet. The reverb effect can also be toggled in and out with the ON button, and a variable amount of modulation can added via the MOD knob.

Finally, we have a noise reduction section comprising a simple “set it / forget it” noise gate and our “buzz kill” mains hum reduction system.

Turn GATE on to engage the noise gate - button LED will light green, and the larger LED will light green when the gate is open. When the GATE is off, the button LED will light red, and the gate will effectively be open all the time.

The BUZZ KILL section only really applies to the mains hum associated with single coil pickups. Set it to 50Hz or 60Hz depending on where you are in the World. The centre position bypasses the BUZZ KILL processing and is the best setting for humbucker or noiseless guitar pickups.

We hope you find GTR-ODR useful for your next recording session or gig!

The demo track was made using GTR-ODR only for the guitar tracks, no additional effects or processing. The bass synth track is ANALOGy5 and the drums are from PERCSTATION, with a touch of EQ and compression on the master bus.

Title of Song

  • GTR-ODR-Demo-Track-Isolated-Guitars