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R_Ware - HarmClip

Welcome to HarmClip, the harmonics enhancing clipping module!

HarmClip is the ultimate soft clipper module for shaping and enhancing the harmonics of your audio. With its advanced up to 32x oversampling HQ IIR and FIR filters and additional anti-aliasing techniques, HarmClip delivers crystal clear audio quality with minimal aliasing.

HarmClip allows you to add odd and even harmonics to your audio to taste, giving you complete control over the character and warmth of your sound. HarmClip offers the precision and versatility you need to take your audio to the next level.

Up to 32x oversampling with minimal- or linear-phase filters and additional anti-aliasing techniques ensure that your audio retains its clarity and definition, even at the highest clipping levels. This makes HarmClip the perfect tool for creating vintage-style warmth and character, or for pushing your audio to the edge of distortion for a modern, edgy sound.

Experience the difference for yourself and try HarmClip today!