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R_Ware HClip

Hard clipping done right

HClip is a powerful sound design tool that gives you unparalleled control over hard clipping. Its features include:

  • High-quality, anti-aliased hard clipping algorithm: adds crystal-clear, digital grit and character to your signals with minimal aliasing artifacts
  • DC filters on the input and output for sound design and control over your signal
  • Separate ceiling controls for the top and bottom of the waveform give you the flexibility to shape your sound exactly how you want it
  • Built-in oscilloscope visualizes your clipping in real-time, making it easy to achieve the perfect sound

With HClip, you can add tons of digital character to your tracks, shape your sound in new ways, and achieve the perfect sound with ease. Upgrade your sound design arsenal with HClip, the ultimate hard clipping module.