Type: Module

Category: Drums

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Manufacturer: Hamster Modular

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$7.50 $9.00

HH-1: HIHATS TONE - Set the tone of the hihat CHOKE - Use the trigger of the other hihat to abruptly stop (choke) this hihat. For instance: if the left hihat is a closed hihat and the right is an open hihat use the gate triggers of the left closed hihat to choke the right open hihat. When the gate trigger of the closed hihat is received the sound of the right hihat will stop immediately. DECAY - Sets the decay time of the hihat 100-1500ms. Use short decays for a closed hihat and a longer one for an open hihats. LEVEL - Set the volume of the hihat ACCENT - Set the accent level of the hihat