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  • HYBELLA is a hybrid filter module with modulation capabilities.

  • HYBELLA is sold individually and included in Filter Bundle and ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.

  • Three different kind of filters interacting within each other.

  • The first one is a Bandpass filter, the second is a Bell filter, and the last a Lowpass filter.

  • The two switches in the middle are for selecting a steeper slope for filter(1) and filter(3).

  • The input signal is split in two and each part goes into filter(1) and filter(3) while filter(2), depending on mid-top switch selection, will affect each signal and then the two outputs will be mixed together in a specific way.

  • In the lower part of the module the slider will behave when "LP" selected as a cutoff frequency controller for a output Lowpass filter while when "FREQ" selected it will control all the filters cutoff frequencies at once.

  • Low or High toggle button to set slider range.

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