Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Oct 07, 2021

Manufacturer: Unfiltered Audio

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Indent is a stereo saturator and waveshaper containing ports of all ten modes from Unfiltered Audio's popular Indent and Dent plugins. These include basic clipping modes (HARD and SOFT CLIP), three wavefolding modes with various personalities, and a number of analog simulators, including TAPE and TUBE.

Indent works in true stereo and has full audio-rate voltage control over all saturation parameters (including mode selection)! With this, you can build all sorts of unusual processors. As a fun example, hook an envelope up to the GAIN control and use Indent as a saturating VCA. If you are using this to generate drum hits, change the MODE with every hit to build up a lot of variations.


Jan 19, 21

The best saturation!

Finally, some wacky waveshapers and supurb saturators to add to your crazy Voltage Modular patches. Seemingly, this combines the best modes from both Dent and Indent into one module without even needing a VST host to use it. I approve of this!