The Endless Sweep. Infinity produces an "impossible" frequency sweep that appears to be endlessly rising or falling. It's based on an auditory illusion known as a shepard or barberpole tone, and the effect can be very powerful and interesting! It can be used to evoke a sense of endless ascent and acceleration, or a feeling of constantly descending and slowing down. The effect can be soft and delicate, or gritty and piercing. Infinity is great for drones, textures, ambiences, pads, generative patches, basslines, synth arpeggios, guitars, drums, sound design, and well, almost anything!

Infinity features six sweep modes (Peak / Filter / Flanger / Phaser / AM / Pitch), each with their own distinctive sound and tweakable controls. It has stereo processing, and a built-in LFO, S&H processor and smoother. You can also use external signals to modulate or control the sweep. Note that Infinity is an effect, not a sound source - you need to feed it some audio for it to do its thing. But using something as simple as white noise as the input can already produce very interesting results. Embark on an endless sonic journey with Infinity!

  • Watch & listen to Infinity in action!
  • Read the PDF manual - also contains a lot of tips & other useful info!
  • Download module presets - installation instructions are included

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  • Infinity in Action