Laboratory Noise

Manufacturer: MRB

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Newly included in the MRB Laboratory Bundle.

The Laboratory Noise module is a high quality, general purpose noise and random modulation source with 4 outputs. The WHITE jack outputs semi-gaussian white noise. The PINK jack outputs pink noise which has a spectrum that falls at -3db/octave and is accurate to within 1/2db. Both outputs sound very smooth with no hint of crackle or popcorn which can be a problem with analog units.

The RESONANT RED jack outputs low-frequency noise which is tunable from about 200Hz down to 1Hz with the Fc knob. The Q knob, when turned up, accentuates the tuned frequency. When fully counterclockwise, the output is random up to the Fc setting. As Q is raised, the output slowly picks up a sinusoidal chaotic wiggle at the Fc setting.

The PERTURB jack outputs a signal which imitates the jitter and wiggles of human muscle. For instance, when an untrained singer tries to hold a note, there is an unsteadiness. When the RATE knob is in mid position, the output produces this kind of modulation source. Adjusting the RATE knob speeds up, or slows down the wiggle. FM'ing a VCO with just the tiniest amount of PERTURBation produces a very natural result.

Both the RED and PERTURB outputs work very well for random sequencing when used independently or summed through a quantizer.


Jun 18, 20

Noise is the salt of the planet Earth

Noise is never just noise. Noise is an incredible ingredient to the source of sound, composition, and instrument building. The Laboratory Noise is highly regarded. Before Cherry Audio there were unique musical noises that we have come to witness from the Serge Modular, Haken Audio's Continuum's Eagan Matrix, among other great designs. MRB don't take noise lightly and it shows with this incredible module. This is fine dining at its finest. The varied noise options can be used as great modulation for percussion. Unique modulation sources are available here to create movement in your sound and independently through different cv options of your patch for performance or instrument building. Just to go a step further the Resonant Red with a range for frequency and a Q. Bananas. But wait there's more, the Perturb Noise with a rate knob. Incredible
The MRB Laboratory Noise is the gift that keeps on giving. Give it a whirl
By the way Noise is a huge component within the phenomena of sound. One example of the Perturb Noise function is that it can play an incredible role of being a unique percussion mover, sweeping in and out creating a swaying dynamic motion.