Laboratory Semi-Modular Voice

Type: Module

Category: Source

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Manufacturer: MRB

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This module is the Laboratory Voice's super versatile big brother. It features the same signal flow, but with greatly expanded modulation capabilities. Here are the extras:

VCO3 can be synced by VCO2 (OSC2>3 SYNC button) or an external source with variable strength.

Two LFOs instead of one. Both LFOs can be FM'd and externally synced. LFO2 can be AM'd (amplitude modulated). The SQUare wave output's width is adjustable and there is a RANdom step output as well. To use the LFOs, patch them into whatever modulation inputs you like. The same goes for any other output.

An auxilliary VCA (because you can never have enough) with meter. Great for things like delay vibrato.

A quick read across the MODULATION INPUTS will reveal all the modulation capabilities. The MIXER IN jack is for injecting an external signal into the MIXER stage of the signal flow just like on a Mini you-know-what.

The OUTPUTS section is greatly expanded. Both envelopes, all 3 oscillators, the noise source, and the 3 individual filter outputs are all separately available. The oscillator outputs are at full level, pre-mixer. This means you can process some oscillators through the module and others elsewhere. The VOICE output is taken after the AMPLIFIER and is the main output of the module.

This module is an absolute workhorse.


Aug 28, 19

Fantastic analog sound

High quality sounding source and modulate whatever you want


Jun 18, 20

Semi-Modular Voice

This is a complete synthesizer inside of the amazing Cherry Audio platform. This is an incredible sounding voice with amazing filters and a multitude of unique modulation options. Fantastic and alarmingly musical beyond words. These are great times that we are living in to be able to have such a powerful and unique instrument at our fingertips. Literally . . .