Laboratory VCO

Type: Module

Category: Source

Updated: Aug 08, 2019

Manufacturer: MRB

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The Laboratory VCO is the first in the Laboratory line of modules from MRB. The Laboratory line gets its name from the design philosophy of ultra-cleanliness. No attempt has been made to imitate a hardware design. Instead, every effort has been made to make these modules better than hardware. This oscillator features full harmonic spectrum bandwidth at all frequencies, even when operated as an LFO. This really makes a difference, especially when doing things like modal synthesis. Saw, square (with pulse width modulation), triangle, and sine waveforms are available with output mixing which makes for a large timbral palette. Output mixing also means your waveforms can be dialed in on multiple oscillators and fed into something like a filter without the need of mixers. Waveforms are available individually or mixed, normal and inverted.

In addition to the usual 1V/oct input, there are 3 attenuverted modulation inputs, so you can get really sophisticated and subtle with your FM. A variable strength SYNC input allows for soft, through chaotic, all the way to hard sync. Tuning is a snap with OCTAVE, COARSE, and FINE controls. The COARSE control can either be continuous or quantized to semitones by flipping the QUANT switch.


Jun 10, 20

The Language of Sound

The Laboratory VCO is a prime example of what a full fledged, powerful, and varied generator should be. The ability to mix between how much of a waveform comes out of the output is just the beginning. The 1 Volt per octave is standard fare though the beauty in the dsp design comes through in the three adjustable control voltage inputs with negative and positive values. A built in quantizer is there for tonal possibilites though you can go into other territories with open tuning possibilites.