Laboratory Voice

Manufacturer: MRB

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Here are most of the Laboratory modules (plus more) all packed and patched into one compact, dynamic voice module. You get:

  • 3 Laboratory VCOs
  • Noise source with 3 different flavors of noise
  • Mixer
  • Adjustable high-pass filter
  • Laboratory VCF with Velocity Envelope Generator
  • Laboratory VCA with Velocity Envelope Generator
  • 3 waveform LFO
  • Dirt module

...all rolled into one handy voice.

This is really the ultimate in space-saving speed and convenience. Just drag it into your cabinet, connect 2 or 3 patchcords, and you're rockin'. If you've ever used a Mini you-know-what or anything similar before, everything should be instantly familiar to you. And if you've never used anything before, the Laboratory Voice will get you started with its easy-to-use, pre-patched structure all presented on beautiful cherry wood. Why I picked cherry wood escapes me at the moment.

{Oscillator Section} The 3 identical VCOs feature the same tuning controls as the standalone Laboratory VCO. 5 waveforms are available including the combo sawtooth/triangle wave as featured on the Mini you-know-what. To save CPU resources, each VCO has an ENABLE button, so when you only need one or two oscillators, you can turn off the unneeded ones. There are global FM and pulse width modulation (PWM) inputs on the left.

{Mixer Section} The 3 LEVEL knobs control the balance of the oscillators. Also within the mixer is the NOISE source and tunable high-pass (HP) filter. The noise source features 3 noise types -- the familiar WHITE, TNT for when you want to blow stuff up, and METAL for making cymbal-like noises. The LEVEL and COLOR knobs control the volume and frequency content respectively. The FILTER BYPASS button routes the noise around the filter sending to the amplifier directly.

{Filter Section} The filter section contains a Laboratory VCF, Velocity Envelope, and Laboratory Dirt module. Please see the descriptions of these modules for their control and function. The ENVelope is pre-patched to the cutoff (F MOD) and resonance (Q MOD). The DIRT knob makes things, well, dirty. You will find that adjusting the MIXER HP Fo control along with the DIRT control will give you all kinds of interesting, grindy textures. There is a cutoff input jack at the lower left (F MOD).

{Amplifier Section} This section contains a Velocity Envelope and Laboratory VCA. Again, please see their descriptions.

{LFO} This is a general purpose uncommitted LFO. That is, it's not patched to anything internally. It features TRIangle, SQUare, and SAWtooth outputs. Do with them what you will. There's nothing stopping you from patching this module to itself.

{OUT} Four outputs are available. The filter and amplifier ADSR envelopes are here as ENV1 and ENV2. The direct FILTER output (good for non-gated droning sounds), and finally the VOICE output taken from the amplifier completes the signal flow.