Laser Disc Delay X

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Moving the machinery from under the hood to the dashboard, the Laser Disc Delay X supplants its smaller sibling* with expanded functionality. On the one hand, it supplies 8 independent "discs" (delay buffers) for quick, easy delay effects. On the other hand, each has controls for filters (dual highpass/lowpass), jitter, disc spin rate, and (feedback) gain, as well as a completely flexible delay topology which can be wired to achieve all manner of rhythms, tonal variations, and special effects.

The device germinated from a stupendously impractical (unrealized) design for a laser disc version of a tape delay, where a burn laser and read laser's relative distance creates a signal delay. Artifacts of jitter and variation in the disc spin rate/direction, produce a spectrum of interesting sounds from subtle flanging to granular intrigue to outright glitchy remixing. Of course, pristine repeats are possible too. With a bank of 8 of these running side-by-side, ready to be wired in parallel, series, or in webs, you can imagine the possibilities...

Loop an output back to its input for traditional feedback, chain outputs to subsequent inputs for delay taps, cross channels for ping-pong delay, insert effects, modulate your way to flanges and warbles, wire circles of self-oscillations, spin the disc rate knob like a turntable, and explore seamlessly between simple delays and wild sound sculptures.

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