The LCR CHORUS consists of three independent chorus modules (left, centre & right), each with its own LFO, with dedicated rate and depth controls. It provides a wide range of chorus effects from subtle to almost disorientating!

The centre channel receives a mono version of the stereo input, and then blends it with the left and right outputs. For an extra dimension, the left and right LFOs are out of phase with the centre LFO by +90 and -90 degrees respectively.

LCR CHORUS handles mono or stereo inputs, but as it’s a stereo processor, we recommend using both outputs.

ON button toggles LCR CHORUS between active and bypass mode.

RATE and DEPTH controls are totally independent for the left (L) ,centre (C) and right (R) channels.

RATE controls the modulation frequency in the range of 0.1 - 5.0 Hz. The modulation LFO waveform is a slightly rounded triangle, which will sound more “on and off” at high settings - just like the good old days! For a really immersive effect, try dialling all three RATE controls to slightly different frequencies - note the default LCR values are 0.4, 0.3 and 0.5 Hz.

DEPTH controls the range of modulation either side of a preset delay time. Note that the centre delay time is fixed, as it typically would be on a vintage circuit design. Setting DEPTH to minimum results in no modulation, plus a little bit of delay. The delay time in the LCR CHORUS is a bit longer than the OK CHORALE so things can get pretty intense!

Audio demo created using the Full Rise minimode preset and default LCR CHORUS settings. First half of the clip is dry minimode, then LCR CHORUS engaged.

We hope you enjoy the sound of the LCR CHORUS, left, right and centre!

Acknowledgement: The LCR CHORUS is inspired by the Korg LCR chorus from the early 90’s Korg Wavestation synthesiser, and the excellent information provided in Will C. Pirkle’s quintessential DSP handbook, “Designing Audio Effect Plugins”, some of which is included in the opening description.

Title of Song

  • minimode-with-LCR-CHORUS