LFO Matrix

Type: Module

Category: Source

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module is a powerhouse for generating complex modulation signals! It provides 16 LFOs arranged in a grid, and 8 different outputs that combine the rows and columns of the oscillators. Each LFO has individual rate (white knob) and level (green knob) controls, and 2 switches that allow you to select between 5 different waveforms and sampled noise. The selected waveform is reflected by the label above the controls of each LFO, and at there is a chart at the bottom right that shows the switch positions that correspond to each setting, with zero being the bottom or left position of the switches respectively, 1 being center or right, and 2 being top: 00 - Sine, 01 - Triangle, 10 - Saw, 11 - Ramp, 20 -Square, 21 - Sampled Noise.

The outputs sum over all the LFOs on that row or column, and they have individual scale and offset controls for their respective output signals. There are also CV inputs that affect the rate of the LFOs per row and column (i.e., they affect all the LFOs in that row or column).

The randomize button and trigger input select random values for the levels, waveforms and rates of all the LFOs, and the initialize button rand trigger input return the rate and level knobs to their default position (but not the waveform switches), which can be very useful for experimenting with random settings, and for starting to build up a signal from scratch from the initial settings.

There is also a master rate switch, and a rate range toggle that allow you to scale the rate of all the LFOs at the same time. In the high range the module can even be used to produce complex audio signals, which can get even more interesting when using the CV inputs for cross modulation.

Because of the CV inputs, there are many possibilities for self patching and feedback, producing complex chaotic behavior. All of these features make this module extremely powerful, and allow you to create all kinds of complex waveforms that can be used for modulating any CV parameter.

You can use this module to produce independent or related modulation signals that can add life and complexity to any patch. It is also great for experimentation, as it is easy to simply start tweaking the values by ear to achieve interesting and often surprising results that can quickly go far beyond what is easily achievable with a normal setting of a few LFOs.

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.