LFO Sequencer

Type: Module

Category: Sequencers

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Manufacturer: Nick Hladek

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Note: This module is part of the First Five bundle.

Eight step sequencer controlled via CV signal and step function logic.

CV Control

Sequencer steps controlled via CV signal. Module is designed to function using a signal generator with output values falling betwen zero and five volts. Steps are divided evenly into voltage ranges and triggered when a CV value within that range is received. When a step is triggered, gate and pitch CV signals are sent via CV output.

Step I/O

Individual steps can be turned on or off using the LEDs as buttons.

Step Pitch

Pitch of each step can be controlled via control knob. Control knobs take a range of 65.41 through 2093.00, which correspond to the notes c2 through c7 under a440 tuning.

Gate Length

Gate length can be adjusted via control knob. Control knob allows for a gate length of ten milliseconds to 400 milliseconds.


Module outputs gate and frequency signals via CV signals.

Title of Song

  • LFO_Sequencer_Demo_Track