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  • lil MONSTA is a synthesizer module featuring SQUARE, SUB, RING, +1OCT, +3OCT and SAWTOOTH waveforms that can be combined in different ways.
  • lil MONSTA is sold individually, as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.
  1. FILTER with SATURATION feature.
  2. SQUARE or TRIANGLE LFO interacts with the filter, as the ENV MOD.
  3. ADSR section with the possibility to SHAPE each stage.
  4. DRIVE toggle button to enhance the sound.
  5. On the right panel AM, FM inputs with attenuverters.
  6. CUTOFF, RES and ENV MOD. inputs with their AMOUNT control knob working with 0/5V signal.
  7. ENVelope OUT and OUTput with level control knob.
  8. Hard limiter embedded.

Hope you enjoy it!!! ;)

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  • Nrgzr78_lilMONSTA_Demo_-1-_