Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: May 30, 2021

Manufacturer: Hamster Modular

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The LS-1 is a tempo synced LFO with the ability to modulate the LFO frequency

The controls and their functions:

[Reset-jack] This jack resets the LFO cycle. Link this to a trigger in order to reset the oscillator cycle every time this trigger is received [CV-jack] This is the jack to receive a control voltage source, such as an envelope or another LFO [CV Int.] This knob sets the intensity of the CV output signal and modulates the LFO frequency [Frequency] With this knob you set the speed of the low frequency oscillator [Sync] When this button is turned off, the LFO runs freely. When switched on it's synced to the project Bpm [LFO Int.] This knob sets the intensity of the LFO output signal. Set it at 0% and no signal runs from the output jacks, at 50% it's at half its level (-2,5v ~ 2.5v) and at 100% it's at full level -5 ~ 5volts) [Output jacks] The oscillator produces six different shapes: sine, triangle, pulse, sample & hold, saw down and saw up.