Master Radio

PM Master Radio is destined for use with Adroit Synthesis' Tandem module.

That Tandem module can link one control (knob, slider or button) to another, even bidirectionally. Even different types can be linked to a pair.

PM Master Radio is a set of 2 to 12 toggle buttons acting as radio buttons. It can be set manually or by a voltage. Linked to Tandem modules, a Master Radio can influence several "Slave" controls following a CV.

This module comes with three selectable skins. A skin change forces skin change of all other Master Control modules.

PM Master Radio will be part of P.moon Ultimate Bundle.

last build: #4, 2023-05-16

Important note: Actually there is a GUI issue which results in a malfunction of PM Master Radio, when it's CV input jack is cable connected. CA team will fix it with a Voltage update. Until that update PM Master Radio can only be operated manually.