Micro AD Envelope Poly

Micro Attack-Decay Envelope Generator Poly

Create percussive AD envelopes with ease



  • TRIG CV and TRIG button
    • The envelope is triggered by a trigger signal on the CV or by pushing the button
    • If the envelope is currently active it is re-triggered and starts at the ATTACK stage from the current value at the time of the re-trigger
    • Outputs the current envelope value
    • Controls:

    • The time until the envelope reaches its peak value (5V) from the start
    • The time until the envelope reaches its idle value (0V) after the ATTACK stage
    • Shapes both ATTACK and DECAY curve to be more steep or more shallow
    • Decay and ATTACK have opposing curves
  • CYCLE switch
    • Enables automatic re-triggering/cycling of the envelope
    • When enabled Micro ADE can be used as an LFO or even an Oscillator