Micro DC Source Poly

Micro DC Source Poly with variable slew

Add polyphonic DC/Bias/Offset to your signals with variable slew time!



    • Outputs the set Voltages as a poly signal


  • VOICE LEVEL knobs
    • DC voltage level per voice
    • Switch between voices 1..8 and 9..16 with the POLY switch to edit the other range
  • SCALE switch
    • Switch between scaling/quantization modes
      • Continuous: outputs all possible voltages in the knob range continuously
      • WholeVolts: quantizes the output voltages to whole octave steps. easy way to influence the octave of a pitch cv signal or offset a signal precisely.
      • Notes: outputs voltages that are quantized to pitch cv note values
  • SLEW
    • Determines the time it takes for the output voltage to follow knob changes
    • NOTE: very low slew times might lead to clicks when applying the outputs to audio signals
  • TYPE switch
    • Switch between two types of knob slew
      • Linear: glide linearly between the current and the target value
      • OnePole: smoothly transition between the current and the target value using a gentle filter (can best be described as logarithmic/exponential glide)
  • POLY switch
    • Switch between editing poly voices 1..8 and 9..16
    • Values are set and remembered for each range
    • NOTE: only voice values that belong to voices that are within the current count of poly voices are output