MicroTuning Plus

This extended module builds on the MicroTuning module, allowing individual control of the tuning for the notes in the standard 12-note scale plus a separate section of Voltage Controlled offsets that can be used to generate drift and other vintage random and controlled tuning effects. It also includes an Octave Stretch component which can also be voltage controlled.

The micro-tuning section can load 12-note Scala files and has a built-in set of presets available including Just, Pythagorean, Comma Meantones; various Bach, classical and French intonations; some Wendy Carlos tunings; and tunings for Bagpipe and Chinese Lu. These tunings were largely sourced from http://www.microtonal-synthesis.com.

The drift section defaults to a +5V input across all notes allowing the control knobs to affect the offset immediately. These knobs can be Quick Set to 0 cents, to the same setting as the note B (the top knob) or spread between the setting on the B knob (top) and the C knob (bottom). There is also a randomizer function with minimum and maximum settings for completely random settings for the CV amount knobs.

The Octave Stretch section provides control of the stretch (up to 2 Cents per semitone) with control over the "root" note to be used. Each stage has the option to insert an input or take the input from the previous stage, so that the module can be used for complex routing or multiple tuning processing.

The mono and poly outputs take the processed information as 1V/OCT inputs available to oscillators and/or instruments to provide basic micro-tuning support for any patch/instrument. The module should always be used as the first in the chain of modules affecting the 1V/OCT pitch control as it uses the voltage to infer the note being played. It can also be used with the new A440 Master Tuning module (which should be used after this module).

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Performance and MIDI Collection and included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.