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MIDIMONO for Voltage Modular is an analog-flavoured MIDI-controlled dual-oscillator monophonic synthesizer module. MIDIMONO is a self-contained instrument that runs inside Voltage Modular - simply connect MIDI in and audio out(s) to your host and you’re good to go! MIDIMONO also has an optional stereo processing section, including a version of our popular AULDELAY effects module. Please be sure to check out the Sounds demos to give you an idea of what MIDIMONO is capable of - from big old-school basses and epic leads, to crazy sci-fi effects!

A detailed User Guide is available via the Documentation & Help link on the Cherry Audio Store page.

All demo clips were created with MIDIMONO only with no additional effects or processing.


Dec 20, 22

great midi osc

great in tandem with the mighty piano roll sounds fantastic especialy for 5 dollar a steal

Title of Song

  • MIDIMONO-M7-Sequence
  • MIDIMONO-Major-Noodle
  • MIDIMONO-X4-Beat-Smasher
  • MIDIMONO-X2-Perky-Sequence
  • MIDIMONO-X2-Xtra-Noodles