MIDIMONOX2 is a total re-design of MIDIMONO, our flagship MIDI-controlled mono synth module for Voltage Modular. Times two! In addition to two totally independent synth engines with effects, we’ve also added a dedicated sequencer for each synth.

Two mono synth engines, each with 3 variable shape virtual analog oscillators, noise sources and LPF

Four modulation sources with selectable targets from over 20 possible mod destinations

Built-in distortion, "tilt" EQ, chorus, delay and compression effects

Two independent sequencers with up to 256 steps (16 patterns x 16 steps when patterns are chained)

Per-step modulation for all 4 mod sources plus randomisation

Pitch scale-quantise sequencer-generated notes with preset or custom scales

Internal or external tempo sync plus CV triggers for sequencer step and transport

Sequencer MIDI out (selectable channels for each) for use with other modules, virtual instruments or hardware

Please check out the Help Url for a detailed downloadable PDF User Guide.

Demos recorded direct from Voltage Modular using one instance of MIDIMONOX2 plus PERCSTATION for drums.

Title of Song

  • MMX2 Am Altercation
  • MMX2 Insen In C
  • MMX2 Mourning March
  • MMX2 Pentatonic Waves
  • MMX2 Syncopated Rave In A