MIDISWITCH-3 is a simple MIDI CC to CV trigger utility that can also be used as a basic multi-CV trigger. We designed MIDISWITCH-3 primarily with guitar players in mind, or other Voltage Modular enthusiasts who use MIDI floor controllers as part of their setup.

Setup is very straightforward:

Connect MIDI from your host to the MIDI IN connection. If you’re using other MIDI utilities, such as our CC GLIDER module, you can connect it via the MIDI THRU output.

With your MIDI controller connected, enable the LEARN button for each channel, one at a time and press the switch on your controller. MIDISWITCH-3 should detect the CC number used by your controller and display it in the large LED readout. Alternatively, if you already know the specific CC numbers you wish to assign, you can dial them in with the knobs for each channel.

If your MIDI controller has more than 3 switches, simply add another MIDISWITCH-3 module and daisy-chain them via the MIDI THRU connection.

You can also edit the button labels to correspond to what’s on your controller, e.g., A, B, C instead of 1, 2, 3, etc.

Once you’ve set up as many channel switches as you need, you can connect the CV OUTs which will send a trigger (+5V) every time you press the switch on your MIDI controller. You can also manually fire off the triggers by clicking on the large buttons.

Even if you only have a “modest” 3 button MIDI controller, you can use MIDISWITCH-3 in conjunction with our other controller modules such as CC GLIDER, CV PINGER and CV FLIPPER to perform all sorts of control wizardry!

We hope MIDISWITCH-3 helps put you in control of your modules while keeping your hands free!