Mighty Piano Roll

Type: Module

Category: Sequencers

Updated: Jun 01, 2021

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio

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Modular synthesis software and hardware sequencers are often limited to single-note patterns of eight or sixteen steps. Mighty Piano Roll blows typical modular pattern sequencer limitations into the weeds with DAW-style graphical "piano roll" functionality. Allowing extensive graphic drawing and editing of note sequences, it's fully polyphonic with independent MIDI channel assignment for each note, and allows unlimited pattern lengths. It also features s a generous array of CV ins and outs for interactive, real-time control of play, stop, reset, forward, reverse, and random "jump," note record and playback via gate CV, external clocking, and more. Best of all, Mighty Piano Roll is FREE for all Voltage Modular Core users with Voltage Modular 2.2.5 update!