Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: May 01, 2021

Manufacturer: Hamster Modular

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The MM-1 (MatheMatics-1) module holds a broad variety of formulas to be used for audio or cv signal processing. It can be used to design custom oscillators or change how cv signals are handled.

The formulas that can be used are: add: Adds Input 2 to Input 1. sub: Subtracts Input 2 from Input 1. mul: Multiplies Input 1 by Input 2. div: Divides Input 1 by Input 2. rng: A ring modulator. One input controls the level of the other. The two inputs are multiplied, then normalised e.g. 12/10 rct: A rectifier. Compares the two input levels. If input 1 is greater, output is high (5 Volts), else low (-5 Volts). cmp: A comparator. Flips negative voltages to positive, leaves positive voltages unchanged a>b: If input 1 is greater than input 2, input 1 is followed, else input 2. log: Input 1 is processed logarithmicly - input 2 is not used exp: Input 2 is processed exponentially - input 2 is not used qz1: Quantizer 1, input 1 is quantized at 1 volt - input 2 is not used qz2: Quantizer 2, input 1 is quantized at 0,5 volt - input 2 is not used mod: The remainder of dividing Input 1 by Input 2.*