Type: Module

Category: Oscillators

Updated: Aug 02, 2021

Manufacturer: Hamster Modular

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$10.00 $12.50

The MO-1 (Multi-Oscillator) module holds four different oscillators, all with a specific function packed in a 3HP module.

The controls and their functions:

[Pitch] Is the jack that receives cv-signals for note processing. [Sync] Is the jack that forces the oscillator cycle to restart. Also known as "hard-sync". [Octave] The octave ranges from -2 tot +4 [Waveform] This knob sets the waveform for the oscillator [Function] Every oscillator has it's own function.

Waveforms Function

Sub-oscillator Adds a square wave to the sub-oscillator, while the function detunes this signal to a 5th or 9 semitones above the received pitch signal. Saw-wave Produces a ultra-saw. To the main saw signal two phase shifted saw's are added. Function sets the wideness of the phaseshift. Square-wave Sets the pulse width of the square wave Triangle The function knob controls the amount of waveshaping of the triangle shape.

[CV Int.] This knob sets the CV intensity to modulate the [Function] knob. [CV] Is the jack to receive cv-signals such as a LFO or Envelope [Out] Is the jack for the audio output.