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Once upon a time there was a naive knight named Nicholas who just happened to be in love with the pulchritudinous princess Penelope. He wanted to do something extraordinary to try to win her favor.

"I know!" he exclaimed excitedly. "I'll build her a multi-voice chorus! Let's rate, two channels, five voices per channel, phase offset and/or pre-delay per voice. What else? How about an optional external LFO for each voice if she so desires? To wrap it up, I'll add level and pan (for each voice, of course), lots of CV modulation, and separate dry and wet outputs. That should do it!"

He set to work, and in a few months he was ready. "I'll call it Moarus," he thought to himself, not knowing exactly why but finding it fitting nonetheless.

The very next day he presented it to her, with much fanfare, plenty of pomp, and a sprinkling of circumstance. Her reaction, to his surprise, was nonplussed.

"I see that this is a chorus, good sir knight, and a fine one at that. However, electrified music making won't be invented for quite some time, so I'm afraid I have no use for this. Thank you anyway for your efforts."

Nicholas, dejected but not defeated, rode away on his horse (also named Nicholas), dreaming of his next attempt. "I wonder if she likes flangers better?" he thought to himself, completely missing the point, but cheerfully pressing ever-forward as the fearless and foolhardy frequently do.

The End


Sound demos (only effect used was 1 instance of Moarus unless otherwise noted)

  • [classic] original / 2 voices in phase quadrature (90° offset) / original / 3 voices, 1 with 120° phase offset, 1 with 240° offset / original / same 3 voice chorus as before (to show shimmer and shine)
  • [neoclassic] original / delicate polish using slow rate, 10 voices, 2 external lfos / original / separate wet/dry outs, wet high passed to remove mud / original / wet only routed to another instance with wet only out, dry out from first instance fed into an LFO controlled VCA (for tremolo)
  • [further] original / turn all the knobs! / turn all the knobs differently! / devolution of a simpler time

Title of Song

  • classic.mp3
  • neoclassic.mp3
  • further.mp3