Mono to Poly Replicator

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module was designed for those times when you need to send a single mono signal to several voices of a poly signal at once, and you want to avoid having to manually patch it to the different inputs of a Mono To Poly module. An example of this is when you want to use a mono signal to modulate a parameter on a module that receives only a poly signal as a modulation source.

The array of toggles allows you to select the voices to which you want to send the mono input signal, so that it's easy to make changes without having to repatch.

There is also the option to randomly choose which voices the mono signal is sent to, using the R button, or by sending a trigger to the input to its left. The On and Off buttons and trigger inputs next to them allow you to turn all the voice toggles on or off at once for convenience.

All the voice transitions are interpolated to avoid pops when making changes to the toggles.

This module is part of the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 3.