Mono to Quad Circular Panner

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module allows you to pan a mono signal in a quadraphonic setup, bringing multichannel panning to Voltage Modular for the first time.

You can control the azimuth (angle) with the big knob, and the white tick of the knob will indicate the panning position. The azimuth value will also be displayed by the text box above the knob. The center position will be at 0 degrees, which is the default for the knob. From there, moving the knob clockwise will decrease the angle, from 0 to -180 at the back position. Moving the knob counterclockwise will increase the angle from 0 to 180 at the back position.

The panning can also be controlled with a CV signal connected to the CV input. Use the Offset and Scale knobs to adjust the input signal to the desired levels if you only want the signal to move within a given range. When there is a CV signal connected, the big knob will be dimmed, and it will automatically move to reflect the panning value coming from the CV signal. Notice that this also allows you to continuously rotate the sound in a circle, as the knob will wrap around when it passes the upper or lower limits.

To make a sound move continuously around the room, connect the ramp or saw outputs of an LFO to the CV in, and set the scale value to 100%.

The switch at the top allows you to select the panning law between linear an equal power panning (square root).

To monitor the sound in quad, connect outputs 1 and 2 of this module to the main outs in Voltage Modular, and 3 and 4 to the auxiliary outputs 2L and 2R. Make sure that outputs 2L and 2R are being sent to your multi-channel sound card, and that speakers 3 and 4 are connected to those outputs.

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.