Adds the option of a mono-legato pitch by means of overlapping notes with additional glide.

There are two gate outputs:

  • Gate is triggered on the first note played and set to zero when the last note is released
  • Retrigger will reset and go high on every new note played. This, for example, allows an envelope to retrigger while legoto pitch continues.

There are three pitch outputs:

  • Mono, a regular monophonic pitch signal

  • Glide, a monophonic signal which always performs a glide

  • Legato, a monophonic signal which only performs a glide on overlapping notes

  • Glide and legato have a combined speed control to specifiy how fast the glide to the new pitch

  • Stepped allows for a stepped glide in half or whole notes instead of a continuous glide

  • Legato has an offset control. When there is no overlap between notes, the pitch will start at the specified offset and glide to the current pitch with the specified speed. The offset is in the range of up and down a whole octave.

There is a choice of the last overlapping note, lowest overlapping pitch or highest overlapping pitch.