Moogie Filter

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • Moogie Filter is voltage controlled low-pass filter/passive mixer, which filters out the higher parts of the sound spectrum, and lets lower frequencies pass through.
  • Moogie Filter is sold individually and included in Filter Bundle and ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.
  1. Based on Moog "transistor ladder" design.
  2. Two audio inputs with dedicated volume knob controls.
  3. CV1 input (works with 0/5V) with its dedicated knob control for signal amount to modulate the filter frequency.
  4. CV2 input (works with 0/5V) to modulate the resonance.
  5. Resonance (or Emphasis) is adjustable all the way up to self-oscillation - in this case the filter behaves like a sine wave oscillator with V/Oct tracking up to 4 octaves.
  6. Lit LED to alert you when self-oscillation is occurring so turning the switch up it allows you to bypass the input signals and play with such sine wave.

Hope you really have fun with it!!! ;)

Title of Song

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