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  • MOONOSINES is an analog monophonic synth voice based on Dreadbox's Antiphon.
  • MOONOSINES is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.
  1. 8 Sine Wave Oscillators.
  2. Oscillator 7 and 8 can be used as LFOs: the first one operates from -5/5V, while the last one can operate from 0 to 10V or 0 to -10V.
  3. Individual Oscillator Outputs and pitch control.
  4. 4-Pole Low and High Pass Filter with resonance.
  5. VCA for all the oscillators.
  6. Spring Reverb with Gain and Mix control.
  7. External Input with attenuator, you can use this module also as a multi effect tool.
  8. 33 Patch Points.

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_MOONOSINES_Demo_-1-_