MPE MIDI Interface

$14.99 $30.00

Connect MPE MIDI controllers to your modules with this easy, yet thorough interface. It is also useful for any scenario where you might run MIDI over various channels and would like independent access to the signals.

Connect the MIDI cable & set the bend range to match your controller, and you'll have polyphonic connections (grey panel, bottom right) running channel 2-16 (or whatever lower polyphony you're using), which carry the note (including any bending), its velocity, pressure, y-axis location (cc74), note on/off gates, and a selectable "cc" jack which can output control change messages 1-127, or "release velocity" when set to #0 (use the "cc select" dial).

Velocity, pressure, cc74, and the custom cc jack are output as control voltage over a positive range (0-5V) or a bipolar range (-5 to 5V) - just toggle the "bipolar" button below the silver bend range knob. To the left, a "pressure mode" button toggles between channel pressure and poly pressure to match your device. A separate "global bend" knob defines the pitch bend range applied to channel 1 (usually the "global" channel) and output at the "B" jack (top right). The "M" jack outputs mod wheel signals. Both of these can be switched to polyphonic jacks via the neighboring switch (these global bends/mods are then replicated to all poly voices).

You can use the rows of mono jacks representing each channel (from top to bottom) or the poly jacks, or both at the same time. While the poly jacks contain all channels (except global channel 1) (unless you use the channel range dials to change the range), the mono jacks cover a range of channels 1-8 OR channels 9-16 - for all channels, use two copies of the device (with one switched to 9-16), connected to the same midi jack. Glowing backlit jacks help visualize signals sent from your controller, and make it easy to troubleshoot connectivities.

You'll quickly find that MPE controllers can really make a modular patch sing and this device offers the straightforward flexibility to help make that happen.