Manufacturer: Benard

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This module gives you 5 separate delay lines to process an input. All the delays share the same master time (the maximum delay time is 5 seconds), and the time knobs set the individual delay times up to the time of the master knob. There are also individual controls for high end cut (filter cutoff) and feedback, and the latter can be controlled through CV, in which case the knobs become attenuators. There are also individual level controls and separate outputs for each delay, which allows you to send them to different effects, or to place them in a stereo field using a mixer.

The buttons on the right allow you to randomize the delay times, all the knobs for the individual delays, and to reset all the delay lines. Delay lines also get reset when changing the individual times, to avoid artifacts, but not when the master time knob is tweaked (which can be useful if you want to intentionally introduce artifacts in textures).

There is also a global wet/dry control that affects all delay lines, and attenuators for the input, as well as for the mixed output, which combines all the delays into a mono signal.

This module gives you tons of flexibility for processing sounds, and it is great for producing complex texture from very simple materials.