Multi Sequencer Expander

Manufacturer: Benard

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The purpose of this module is to allow you to combine up to four instances of the Multi Sequencer, and combine them into a single poly signal. This allows you to have up to 16 channels of sequenced triggers and CVs packed into a single signal.

Connect the poly trigger output of the Multi Sequencers to the rigger inputs of this module (Ts In), and the CV or quantized CV out to the CV inputs (CVs In) in the desired order. The module will automatically rearrange the poly signals of the inputs (which will only have information on channels 1 to 4) into a single poly signal with information on all the respective voices.

Make sure to set the polyphony value in your global settings to at least the minimum number of voices you're using (depending on the number of Multi Sequencers you're using). The digital counter will display the active number of voices to make this clear.

You can use any of the other Benard or Cherry Audio modules for polyphonic signal processing to alter this signal later in the chain, such as attenuating or inverting the signals, randomly choosing poly voices, or sending voices to specific mono outputs.