Multi Switch

Type: Module

Category: Switches

Updated: May 13, 2021

Manufacturer: Monkey Business Audio

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Switch 8 signals with a single gate

Also part of the Beats2Pitch Bundle.

Multi Switch lets you switch up to 8 different signals with a single toggle button or gate CV.

When the signal at the GATE input is high (greater or equal 2.5 V) or the toggle button next to the GATE input is active, the signals at the INPUTS are passed through to the appropriate OUTPUTS, otherwise the output is 0 V. The signal at the upper left input is passed to the upper left output, the upper right input to the upper right output and so on.

A green LED in the center of the output jack area indicates whether the signals are passed through or not.

If you have any module specific questions, please visit the Monkey Business Audio forum. For questions about Voltage Modular in general, please visit the Cherry Audio forum. If you don't want to ask your question in the forum you can send me a pm or an email.