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8 independent channels of perlin noise with their own attenuators to be precise!

Add subtle texture to your sound or just full blast noise!

  • Create randomness in your patches!
  • Combine with a quantizer for generative melodies!
  • Patch into CV inputs for random modulation!
  • Blend with a signal and distort hard for some grungy grit!
  • Shape with envelopes to create percussion!
  • Feed into a steep bandpass filter for some unusual tones!
  • Fade everything into noise!

Update Build#3:

  • New functionality has been added with the R_Ware Config Menu. Access the menu by clicking on the module's name.
  • Added noise selection per channel (white, pink, red/brown, blue, violet, infra-red, ultra-violet)
  • Added setting of all attenuators to 0%/50%/100%
  • Added saving current configuration as default

In the end it's all noise.


Aug 12, 22

use instead of vacumcleaner

great module for generating noise. A famous dutch writer used to always turn on his vacumcleaner when writing, now you can use this great module to cancel out noisy neighbours ;P
btw does your control module also work with gate and tricker signals, needed for the step function in the basic sequencer?