Note Diverter

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The Note Diverter sorts incoming pitch cv to the nearest note’s output jack. A secondary Gate In jack’s signal gets diverted along with the pitch signal to a paired jack. This means that you can give each note its own oscillator and downstream signal path, that you could use different notes to trigger other modules/samplers/etc, and that you can selectively choose notes to transmit while leaving unconnected notes ignored.

Using the pitch cv input alone, the device also makes a useful note display, allowing you to monitor the activities of generative patches, sequencers, and arpeggiators. The QUANT button quantizes the input to standard equal temper notes so that odd signals can be converted into tuned pitches, and leaving it disengaged allows detuned/modulated/etc signals to still get sorted to the nearest note while maintaining their actual value. Normally, each note jack sustains the last value that diverted to it, but the MON button operates as a sort of mono mode which resets inactive jacks to zero so that their signals can be summed properly when sent to the same destination.

If the gate input is left unconnected, active gate output jacks generate their own gate signal so that you can activate events from a keyboard or note sequencer. Or, other signals can be fed, such as an LFO so that it can be connected to different devices on a per note basis, modulating filter frequency on a C or pulse width on a D for instance.

Use the Note Diverter for pitched-based tonal diversity, keyboard-oriented activations, and splitting signals into a spray of notes released from each other.