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  1. Nrgzr78_HYBRID is an oscillator formed by 5 waveforms which are divided in three groups that will be mixed together: the first group are two waveforms combined together and with F1 knob you change their frequency (10 to 20000Hz), same thing for the second group but with different waveforms.
  2. Below each F1 and F2 knobs there are three buttons which you can select the behavior of each group : the 'X' button multiply the two waveforms together, the '0' one change polarity, the '-' one waveform is subtracted from the other.
  3. The OFFSET knob affects the F2 group if alone or both F1 and F2 groups when mixed ; its CV input works with -5/5V signal.
  4. The knob below the OFFSET is called INJECTOR, because inject different waveforms into the group where it's turned on to and its frequency is affected by the F2 frequency.
  5. Below INJECTOR there's a selection of 'A' and 'B' and allows to change its behavior ; INJECTOR's CV input works with -5/5V signal.
  6. In the middle of the module there're two VOLUME knobs to command F1 and F2 amplitude so you can mix the two groups F1 and F2, their CV inputs works with 0/5V signal.
  7. There's also a DRIVE knob to add distortion to the whole mix ; its CV input works with 0/5V signal.
  8. The upper section provides three buttons which the 'F1/F2 LINK' helps you move F1 and F2 knobs together; the 'F2 = F1' the F2 knob will have the same F1's value, the 'F.V. LINK' will link the two 'F1 VOL' and 'F2 VOL' knobs to be moved at the same time.
  9. At the bottom you have three OUTPUTS, the central one is the MAIN OUTPUT, while the other two are for each group 'F1 OUT' and 'F2 OUT'.
  10. And at the module sides a DELAY and REVERB buttons to add some effect (they work effectively with a long envelope release).
  11. The red LEDs you're gonna see are just there to let you know that some signals are clipping, so if you want to keep a 'pure' signal without being affected by the internal hard limiting you can adjust the volumes or not.

Try the Demo and have fun with it like me in the Demo Sounds.

P.S. No synths added in the demo sounds, just Nrgzr78_HYBRID.

Hope you like it and if so please support me!!! ;)

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