Type: Module

Category: CV processors

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  1. It's used to capture a signal's voltage level and hold it or like a pass gate by toggle button below the SAMPLE RATE knob.
  2. The sampling can be gated by an external signal such as an oscillator, by the internal oscillator, or manually.
  3. A LED indicates when a sample is being taken.
  4. INPUT LEVEL to attenuate or amplify your input signal ('x2' button to double the amplification) and SAMPLE RATE control knob to adjust the INTERNAL oscillator.
  5. Both can be overridden by CV INPUTS through 0/5V signal.

Hope you have fun with it!!! ;)

[Utility, CV, Processor]

Title of Song

  • Voltage Modular Recording 031
  • Voltage Modular Recording 032