Octagon Sequencer


Octagon is a powerhouse sequencer that allows super fast and easy creation of rhythmically elaborate patterns and melodies. Sequences can be up to 32 steps, and each step contains up to 8 gate pulses with numerous modes for extended note values, legato play, repeats, or user-defined patterns within each sequence step! Each step also includes ratcheting, skip, and slide controls. Octagon's unique slide implementation allows traditional-style synth portamento or 303-style constant rate slide.

Up to 32 steps can be enabled and viewed via Octagon's bank and step shift controls. Octagon also offers numerous step play order modes including an innovative CV control mode for "playing" steps via a keyboard controller or another sequencer. A complete array of CV inputs allow real-time voltage control of tempo, note gate time, sequence length, transport controls, and more.


May 27, 19

This is the one you need...

8 step and 16 step are good to get you up and running, but the Octagon is the one you REALLY want to go full Tangerine Dream and beyond. I love it.