Offset Compensator

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Tiny Offset Compensator can manipulate signal DC amount automatically.

Four modes are provided:

  • max - Sets signal maximum value to zero. Signal becomes completely negative.
  • mid - Sets offset so, that zero line is in the middle between maximum and minimum.
  • avr - Sets signal average to zero. DC content is eliminated.
  • min - Sets signal minimum value to zero. Signal becomes completely positive.

Other capabilities:

  • Response time can be preset within four ranges to match signal frequency.
  • An extra offset can be added to signal manually or by CV.
  • Bypass toggle button deactivates signal manipulation.

This module can process all kinds of signals without level limitation. However, automatic offset compensation is only useful with audio signals.

last built: #1, 2022-04-27

This module will be part of P.moon Ultimate Bundle