OK CHORALE is a chorus / vibrato effect inspired by classic analog stomp boxes made in the late 70’s and early 80’s. While it’s not intended to be a specific replica or emulation, we’ve kept the processing and features extremely basic, embracing a bygone era of simpler times.

OK CHORALE can handle mono or stereo inputs, although we recommend using both outputs in CHORUS mode, because we think it sounds really nice that way!

ON button toggles OK CHORALE between active and bypass mode.

RATE controls the modulation frequency in the range of 0.1 - 5.0 Hz.

DEPTH controls the range of modulation either side of a preset delay time. Note that the centre delay time is fixed, as it typically would be on a vintage circuit design. Setting DEPTH to minimum results in no modulation.

Finally, we have a CHORUS / VIBRATO mode switch which changes the shape of the modulation waveform between triangle and sine. The triangle waveform has more of an “on and off” character at high DEPTH settings, similar to a “vintage” pedal, whereas the sine wave is much smoother.

In CHORUS mode, the modulation applied to the left and right channels is inverted for a lush old-school stereo effect and then mixed with the dry signal(s).

In VIBRATO mode, the same modulation amount is applied to both left and right channels, and the output is the vibrato effect only.

Please note that the delay time in VIBRATO mode is significantly shorter, so you may have to adjust the DEPTH control when flipping between modes. Also, a classic vibrato effect is typically achieved using a higher rate, around 4 Hz.

Despite the simple design and lack of features, we hope you agree that the OK CHORALE can still sound pretty OK!