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  • OVERLOAD is a sort of extreme saturation/waveshaper/distortion module.

  • It is sold individually and as part of Effect Bundle.

  • DRIVE to increase the amount of signal to be processed.

  • MODE control knob to morph your sound smoothly between two of very different kind of sound processing.

  • RATIO to increase the strength of such sound processing.

  • RECTIFY to make negative program material positive.

  • DIST to pass the signal to a tube preamp.

  • CUT toggle button to activate a lowpass filter to attenuate high frequencies sound content.

  • CEIL to limit the output to desired level.

  • MIX to blend original and processed sound.

  • CV modulation for more creativity and fun.

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_OVERLOAD_Demo_1.wav
  • Nrgzr78_OVERLOAD_Demo_2.wav
  • Nrgzr78_OVERLOAD_Demo_3.wav