Pagan's Code

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Pagan's Code is a simple idea for a rhythm generator which, although not in any way random, gives you a novel opportunity to think outside the box in terms of generating new rhythms. Basically, it takes text as input and outputs a gate signal that is the Morse Code equivalent of that text. Often a new, useful rhythm can be generated by entering a single word or short phrase and having it, and hence the rhythm it produces, repeat in a loop.

It can be used to simply insert some Morse Code into a piece or to generate complex, irregular, but repeatable, rhythms. It is also possible to group several instances of the module to a common timing base so that changing the timing on one instance will automatically change the timing al all other instances in the group.

It supports all of the characters specified in the International Telecommunications Union's International Morse Code Recommendation.

The timing of the output can be either internally controlled, via Tempo and note-length controls, or from an external clock and, when using the internal clock, it is possible to modify the traditional 1:3 timing ratio between dots and dashes.

Playback can be stopped, started, reset and looped and a Swing control is provided to change the traditional 3:1 ratio between dashes and dots.

Title of Song

  • "Figure " in Morse
  • Morse with Various Sound Sources