PANDUALAY is an analog-flavoured stereo delay with a variable left / right delay time ratio. As well as modulation and a tone control, we’ve added an independent auto-pan that’s applied to the delayed repeats only, to give an additional sense of stereo motion.

We specifically designed PANDUALAY to work well with mono synth type sounds, adding a smudgey, almost reverb-like sonic backdrop that sits behind the instrument like a good old analog delay. In this context, we decided not to add tempo-sync or provide super long delay times.

Whip out your favourite lead “mini” synth and try the “everything at noon” default settings with your prog hat on!

PANDUALAY handles mono or stereo inputs, but as it’s a stereo processor, we highly recommend using both outputs.

ON button toggles PANDUALAY processing on or off. Please note that when off, any delay repeats will continue to occur, but your dry signal will no longer be processed. This is similar to “trails mode” in some delay pedals, which also allows PANDUALAY to be switched on and off during a performance without pops or clicks.

You can also turn PANDUALAY on and off via the CV TRIG input with a +1V pulse or more.

DELAY sets the main delay time in the range of 100-1000ms. This time is referred to as D1 below.

REGEN sets the delay regeneration or feedback from a single pair of repeats (D1+D2) to infinite repeats. As repeats build up, the additional audio is compressed slightly. This will be more noticeable when the input signal and REGEN levels are high, and adds a slightly gritty / lo-fi texture.

MOD adds a variable amount of delay modulation to the delay repeats. This is a version of the “wobulation” technique used in our WOBULATER chorus module. It has less of an obvious cycle, when compared to typical modulation effects.

TONE changes the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter applied to the repeats. Sometimes pulling this back can help the resulting darker delay repeats sit “behind” your main signal as per the default 5KHz setting.

MIX sets the amount of wet (delayed) signal that’s added to the original (dry) input. If the combined signals go over +/-5.0V, the LED above the MIX control will light, and the output will be hard-limited before being passed to the outputs. Ideally, the LED should only light up occasionally otherwise the excessive hard-clipping will sound distorted, so adjust the level of your input source accordingly.

RATIO determines the multiplier used for the D2 delay time from 1x to 2x the D1 time. For example, at the default setting of 1.5, the D2 delay time will be 1.5 times the value of delay time D1. With DELAY and RATIO at maximum, the length of the D2 delay time will be 2 seconds (2 x 1000ms).

PAN changes the LFO rate of the auto-panning applied to the delay repeats only, from 0.01 to 5.0Hz. The intensity of the LED above the PAN control will vary to match the LFO cycle. While this effect can be quite subtle, we think it adds a nice sense of movement that further enhances the stereo delay effect.

We hope you’re tempted to give PANDUALAY a spin!

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