Panner 4

Type: Module

Category: Effect

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Manufacturer: M*4

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This is a 4-channel mono to stereo panner module. Exclude the Input0, each channel has a stereo pan-pot and an auto-pan effect individually. The rate of the auto-pan (and of course, each channel's pan position!) can be modulated with CV signals.

At first, the module is developed as a companion module for the "Bucket Brigade Delaylines 4" and is intended to put after the individual output of BBD4 module. But it can be useful by itself and you can use it alone, apart from BBD4.

A video demo for BBD4 + Panner4 ( )

*Panner 4 is also a part of "M*4 BBD Bundle"

Controls and I/O


  • Input0: This channel 0 has neither pan-pot nor auto-pan effect and is fixed at center position. It's convenient to mix dry signal to the output when you want to use "Bucket Brigade Delaylines 4" + "Panner 4" as an insert effect. (see "ex.1 as an insert fx" image on the upper side of the product page)
  • Input: Inputs a signal which you want to apply the effect.
  • Pan CV Input: Modulation CV input for pan position. Incoming voltage of ±5v corresponds to ±100 pan-pot value.
  • Auto-Pan Rate CV Input: Modulation CV input for the rate of auto-panning effect. Incoming voltage of ±5v corresponds to ±75Hz.


  • Left, Right Out: Outputs for the mix of all processed signal.


  • Auto-Pan on/off switch: Toggles on/off for internal auto-pan effector. Internal process for auto-pan is stopped at the switch off. Auto-Pan is also stopped when the input jack is blank.


  • Input Volume: These small white knobs adjust the volume of the input signal coming to adjacent input jacks between 0% ~ 100%.
  • Output Volume: It controls the volume of both "Left Out" and "Right Out" output jacks between 0% ~ 100%.
  • Pan: Controls each channel's position in L-R stereo field. The value is ranged from -100.0 (fully counterclockwise = hard left) to +100.0 (fully clockwise = hard right).
  • Auto-Pan Rate: Controls speed of each channel's auto-pan effect. The rate is ranged from 0.25Hz to 75Hz.

Title of Song

  • BBD4-+-Panner4-demo