Parallel Poly Biasing Attenuverter

Send polyphonic signals through this device to gain access to the (up to) 16 individual voices/channels. 16 dials offer per-voice attenuversion and another 16 dials provide DC offset/bias as well.

This is especially handy for modulation, where you can craft nuanced, individualistic CV responses for each voice. Thus, an LFO can move a filter to different degrees with variance in cutoff, for each note in a chord. Or, an envelope can be trimmed or expanded for more complex balances of gain.

With the CV controllable master attenuverter and bias controls (top), you can tinker with signals as a group and perform explosive mass manipulations of CV.

The three red buttons allow you to randomize everything (center), to slightly randomize attenuation (left), or to slightly randomize bias (right).

For those of you who want to dissect polyphonic signals, this handy tool will make quick work of the job.